Tips for opening a restaurant business!

Tips For Opening a Restaurant Business! Restaurants are businesses that have no death. Almost in every corner of the alley narrows the restaurant “small version” aka food stalls. While on the streets of protocols or major roads, we often encounter various kinds of restaurants with their respective mainstay menus.

Opening a Restaurant Business

Opening a Restaurant Business

There are those who specifically sell satay, there are special meatballs, some only cook porridge, there are those with a regional concept (Padang restaurant, Coto Makassar), the concept of an entertainment place (cafe). And the typical restaurant has loyal visitors that tips opening a restaurant business. They not only look for delicious menus but also comfort in enjoying the atmosphere, for that, develop the best business from now on.

Because food is a product that is never stale to be a business commodity, it’s no wonder that many people want to go into this business. With the ability to cook and mix spices, they “recklessly” open a restaurant by carrying their own brand.

Some succeeded in the first year, but some failed in just a few months. There are those that are stable for up to five years since they started operating, but went bankrupt in the sixth year. There is a smooth one when there is only one branch, but there are also those who lose money when they have several branches.

Whereas restaurant business like other businesses generally not only requires technical skills but also managerial skills. This is what is not optimally owned by those who are newbies in this business. Some consider failure due to lack of capital, then they apply for loans to close relatives or banks.

Whereas the definition of the capital loan itself is an investment that must be returned in full with its benefits, not just a voluntary money loan that can be returned at any time. As a result, managers do not consider a variety of factors unless they only assume that the restaurant needs capital injections.

Make sure that you do have specificities in terms of the ingredients of the kitchen. Even if there is nothing typical, it feels the same, play in the second condition, namely the concept. Whatever it is, make sure the concept is unique and not in other restaurants around you. Of course, you must also consider the behaviour of your target market.

If they are the type of consumers who just want to eat and go again, there is no need to bother creating the concept of a restaurant as a place to hang out. Usually, a concept like this is suitable for areas that are close to offices.

All three are cooks. Actually, you don’t need to be good at cooking to make restaurants. Many professional chefs do not go into this culinary business even though. They are very good at making menus that can make the tongue shake. Meanwhile, there are also many who are not smart at cooking, have no experience in the culinary industry but open their own restaurants.

The secret is that they managed to find great chefs who want to work for them. The concept is made by the owner, the work system is formulated by the owner as well, the distribution of human resources is managed by the owner. While the field or technical part is left to the experts.

How Tips For Opening a Restaurant Business?

Fourth, you must prepare suppliers for raw materials for cooking. Look for producers of meat, chicken, eggs and so on. This original chicken restaurant takes its chickens in pesantren which are specifically owned by chicken farm business units so that even though every day the buyers are many.

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It wasn’t until this restaurant that was founded by Colonel Sanders ran out of raw chicken stock. Likewise with you. Look for suppliers who can supply your needs every day without interruption.  The public’s interest in consuming “dirty” fish is very high, while availability is limited. That’s how to opening a restaurant business.