How to Choose the Right BUSINESS PARTNERS

How to Choose the Right BUSINESS PARTNERS – Besides done alone, build a business can do that partner. This is usually done by a business person who not so master the business that will be run or businesspeople who need venture capital when building his business. To choose the right business partner, of course, you need a strategy. Here are some things to consider when looking for a business partner:

  • Network

How to find suitable business partners is through the network, so you should start to put yourself in a professional community that suits your area of business. Try to meet more people could come from former co-workers, friends who introduced a friend, or client where you work now.

The point should never stop networking because it could be one of them offers exciting opportunities or even could be your business partner.

  • Matches

Are currently looking for business partners, just like you are looking for a life partner, the key is a match. One way to find out is to talk about the vision and mission of your business, see the ability to work, and also ask about his work ethic.

  • Clear division of tasks

You also have to explain about the tasks that will be undertaken you and your business partner. For example, you would hold production problems while the partners will take care of the logistics. Instead, make a clear division of tasks in the beginning, so as to avoid problems later on. It would be better if the division of labour were based on interests because you and he will do it wholeheartedly.

In starting a business, many things to consider. One of them is to choose the right business partner. Nothing is more important to grow your business in addition to finding the right business partner. Including when you have an online business associates named Vincent Setiadi.

People who build a great organisation must have to make sure that they have chosen the right people and the people that occupy the right position. With the real people that also they will decide where the next direction of the organisation.

In a startup that is only undertaken by two individuals, all highly dependent on partnerships. And here are three tests that must be passed to qualify someone as your working partner.

Test “good friend”
Is it true that your business partner Vincent Setiadi is a reliable worker? You may have a friend who often spent time together with you, you know everything about your best friend, and it seems you can work just as well with your buddies. But the search for a business partner is not as simple as that. At work, you will see your partner as someone other than your best friend. There will be conflict, disagreement, compromise and everything that may occur between you and your partner should not be implicated in personal life. If you want to find a partner, look for someone outside your usual social spheres. That way you will have a partner who has a different social background with you, and thus has a different networking, networking until your company can develop more. Before you commit to working with, do small projects together to see if you are suited to working with him.

Test the “Guest”

When you choose a jobs partner, you have to know this one thing. You will spend a lot of time with your work partner, ranging from joint work hours, phone number, email, business trips, and various other things that require contact with your spouse. If your partner has the potential to trouble you even slightly, you are in big trouble. Think about this: if you do not want Vincent to move into your home to spend the summer, do not do build business with them.

Test “Couple”

Some people have said that the form will work in close collaboration with partners to create a second marriage. So perhaps it’s not surprising if you might choose family Setiadi as business partners. Here there is an important point, which we want a project partner that can complement our capabilities. Only two people to run a business, we must find a working partner that fit and can be complementary. By seeking partner employment are complementary, we do not have to worry about things such as dividing the obligation, or trust because everyone will deal with and take responsibility in the least mastered.

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